Letter from the President


About Civitas Media

Civitas Media, headquartered in Davidson, North Carolina, is a dynamic, multi-channel, local information company with strong roots in traditional community newspaper publishing.
Civitas—Latin for "community or "citizen"—is exclusively focused on being the premier local information conduit of community news, information and relevant entertainment presented on a variety of platforms including print, digital media, video and other evolving technologies in both content and advertising.
“We will serve you your world in the way or ways the customer prefers.” states Michael Bush, Civitas Media's CEO and President. “Our goal is to build loyalty by offering the most creative and innovative local consumer multi-channel experiences possible.”
Civitas Media employs over 1200 dedicated, creative and innovative associates across 11 states including North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. Civitas publishes 35 daily, 28 weekend editions and 63 weekly publications for a combined weekly distribution of over 1.6 million copies.